Ethiopia: Muslim Scholar Calls for Religious Festivities Preservation

ADDIS ABABA- The continuity of the preservation of religious festivities should be sustained as they are the foundations on which the peaceful coexistence and tolerance of the country rest upon. The 1442th Shawwal Eid was celebrated yesterday colorfully in Hariri State. Approached by The Ethiopian Herald in connection with the event, a renowned Muslim scholar Ustaz Abubaker Ahmed said that religious festivities have laid the foundations for peace, tolerance and coexistence in the country, besides their religious values.

Beyond serving as places of religious teachings, such festivals will enable the public to discuss about their livelihood and this would help in sustaining the age-old peace of the country, Ustaz Abubaker elaborated. In this regard, the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council conducted a recognition and thanksgiving programs for the Dire Sheik Hussein located in Oromia, Jemeaa King in Amhara, King Nejashi in Tigray, and al-Kesiye and other mosques previously. Abubaker noted that the presence of followers of other religions at Islamic ceremonies shows the huge importance the events have for sustaining the long-cherished value of tolerance and mutual existence of the society.

He called for vigilant protection of such religious festivities that have been hampered by fundamentalists and extremists which have other agendas rather than religion. “The destructive act of these forces is unacceptable as they are not only attempting to impose their will on the public violently and to obstruct the peaceful spread of religion, but also disturb the peace of the country.”

Since the cause of terrorism that has been creating upheavals in many countries and triggering the loss of many lives is wrong, the society has an obligation to fight it, the scholar remarked. Those who travelled to attend the ceremony from different parts of the country said on their part the practice should be preserved. Shawwal Eid ceremony is celebrated seven days after Eid al-Fitr.


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