Ethiopia: Deputy Premier Underlines Need for Augmenting National Unity

Wishes a joyful Eid-Al-Fitr

ADDIS ABABA- In his Facebook , Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affair Demeke Mekonnen posted that to fully put the reform in effect , it requires augmenting national unity and extending hospitality than paying attention to the narrow interests of anti-peace elements during this holiday season.

He said yesterday that : “The Ramadan fasting has special meaning to all faithful. It is the month which gave us good opportunity to strengthen our unity with all Ethiopians.” Various iftar programs have supplemented Ethiopians’ togetherness in diversity as they enabled all to share the culture of hospitality citing the experiences drawn from the long fasting and prayer month, he added.

Being gathered under the shade of Ethiopianism would strengthen and enlighten national unity, the Deputy Premier noted. He urged all Ethiopians to firmly collaborate to avoid black dots left by previous atrocities perpetrated against innocent citizens, and to overcome the threats internally and externally imposed on the nation.

Unlike any other time in its history, Ethiopia at the moment demands security guarantee of all citizens, enlighten national unity and fortify harmonious living, he reiterated. Wishing a joyful Eid-Al -Fitr, Demeke called on the faithful in particular and the entire citizenry in general to work in unison against public enemies , support the needy while marking holidays like the Holy month of Ramadan month and collaboratively declare Ethiopian’s renaissance.


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