Ethiopia: Council Urges the Faithful to Preserve Long-Standing Coexistence, Tolerance

ADDIS ABABA- Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council stated that all faithful and Ethiopians have to well nurture the long standing coexistence and tolerance in Ethiopia. Conveying a message in connection with 1442nd Eid-al-Fitr, the council yesterday urged all Ethiopians to enhance important value of cooperation particularly at present time since internal and external circumstances are seriously challenging the nation and its people.

The council has also called on the faithful to reinforce social cohesion with all peace loving people as it helps solidifying fraternity and togetherness. On the occasion, the Council’sPresident Mufti Haji Umer Idris said:”I would like to extend my wishes to the faithful to have a happy Eid -al-Fitr, and I want to express my fatherly message to Muslims to support the needy individuals.”

The Council’sPeace and Reconciliation Head Shekh Muhammed Siraji also told Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) that the faithful should say no to any call which could terrorize, and disintegrate national integration. “The Holy Quran also ordered us to say no to any call of harming human beings regarding any faith. I called on Ethiopians to be guardian of national interest and peace.”


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