Ethiopia: Artist Alemtsehay Urges Women to Emulate Taytu’s Legacy

Empress Taytu Betul educational, cultural center to be opened to public coming Saturday


ADDIS ABABA – The inauguration of educational and cultural center for the commemoration of Empress Taytu Bitul is crucial to pass down women’s legacy to posterity and to foster nation’s prosperity, so said Artist Alemtsehay Wodajo.

In an exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald, Artist Alemtsehay said Taytu Bitul educational and cultural center would be inaugurated in presence of senior officials, investors, actors, actresses, professionals and prominent figures next Saturday.

“The current generation has to well know about Ethiopia’s rich history as well as the contribution of women to uphold the sovereignty of Ethiopia. If this is so, they won’t be victim of gossip and hearsay.”

“The construction of the center does have dual advantage: one, heritages holding educational and cultural significance can be reserved and the youth can hone skills and knowledge out of them; two, all citizens can have ample opportunity to well comprehend the contribution of past generation made to the sovereignty and independence of their country and decide to make new Ethiopia with diligence and bravery,” she underlined.

“We, Ethiopians, have to make history in all aspects drawing important lessons from our forefathers and foremothers, who loved their country unto grave. Yes, it is time for all of us to move in unison and develop unity and fraternity in a well-developed nation,” she added.