Ethiopia: Admn. Pledges to Boost Wheat Supply for Sheger Bakery

– Factory produces 1.5 million loaves a day


ADDIS ABABA- As MIDIROC’s Sheger Bakery and Flour Factory has not gone fully operational due to lack of wheat supply, from now on the government would provide one hundred thousand quintals of wheat aimed to producing some 1.5 million breads a day, Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebie said

Addis Ababa City Administration Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebie further said that the government would keep on subsidizing the factory in order to sustainably produce loaves of bread.

She made the above remarks yesterday during media tour of the factory

According to the Mayor , Sheger Bakery and Flour Factory is the one subsidized by the government with a plan to help low income community in the city and its environs.

” The government has been working on making sure accessibility of bread properly for the community. In this regard, the city administration has established Consumers’ Right Association.”

At the event ,MIDROC Investment Group Chief Executive Officer Jemal Ahmed told the media crew that following close discussion with concerned government bodies about problems, the factory has managed to bake 1.5 million loaves of bread a day.

“We made an agreement with Addis Ababa City’s Administration to receive the needed wheat for baking millions of loaves of bread. The factory has directly created 503 jobs and 2,000 youths have been organized as enterprises indirectly,” said Akalewold Admassu ,Deputy Chife Excutive Officer Manufacturing Cluster at MIDROC Investment Group.

The factory losses 544,000 Birr daily due to hard currency shortage and it distributes bread to 386 associations using its own transportation, it was learnt.

The Ethiopian Herald 17 March 2021

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