Ethiopia: 150 Samples Win First Round Cup of Excellence

Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority in collaboration with USAID and Feed the Future Ethiopia Value Chain Activities identified a total of 150 samples as the first round winners of cup of excellence on March 8, 2021.

Authority Deputy Head, Shefi Umer told The Ethiopian Herald that the authority has been working to expand the market opportunities for coffee producers through working in collaboration with different international organizations. To this end, it hosted the second cup of excellence event this year getting 1,848 competitors participated.

He underscored that the authority has been undertaking a lot of measurements to ensure equal opportunities for all coffee producers.

He stated that before bringing the firms into competition, the authority has been providing different awareness creation activities and incentives that enable the producers to come up with quality coffee.

The Feed the Future Ethiopia Value Chain Activities Senior Capacity Building Manager Kidist Mulugeta on her part said that 150 samples were identified to pass to the next competition after best test.

She also underscored that apart from this year’s competition is different from that of last year in many ways, the number of samples for competition also surpasses that of the last year in 400.

Even in terms of firms, there is a change this year she said adding that her organization has been working to sustain the hosting of the excellence through establishing an independent coffee association every year hosts the cup of Excellency.

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