Cameroon: PCC – East Mungo South Gets New Secretary

Rev. Jones Ebot Ayuk was inducted during a Divine Service on Sunday April 25, 2021.

The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon-PCC, the Right Reverend Fonki Samuel Forba has exhorted Christians of the East Mungo South Presbytery to support the new Presbyterial Secretary for the growth of the church. This was during the Induction of Reverend Jones Ebot Ayuk as Presbyterial Secretary for East Mungo South Presbytery and parish pastor of PC Bonamoussadi Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel Fonki Forba also challenged the new Presbyterial secretary to carry out his pastoral work diligently while putting God first.

He said as a Shepard of God he must lead his flocks to Christ. Drawing inspiration from the Gospel of Exodus 20: 1-6, he called on Christians to serve the living God wholeheartedly while adding that God works for those who trust and believe in him. The Moderator also exhorted his Christians and Cameroonians in general to shun bad and corrupt ways and embrace Christ.

He also called on the new Presbyterial secretary to remain faithful while putting his trust in God and not man. He encouraged him to remain steadfast for the heavenly Father is with him, as he turns God’s people to Christ. He also called on him not to allow himself to be swallowed by the busy nature of Douala. He beseeched all and sundry to put hands on deck so that his mission is accomplished.

Prior to his induction proper, the Synod Clerk of the PCC, Rev. Miki Hans Abia, after reading out an elaborate biography of the new Presbyterial Secretary of the East Mungo South, said he is fit for the job. The East Mungo South presbytery has 22 congregations. Meanwhile, Rev. Ebot thanked God for choosing him to lead his flock in the East Mungo South Presbytery.

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