Cameroon: North West – Subsidized Inputs to Enhance Livestock, Fisheries Production

North West Livestock and Fisheries Development project (LIFIDEP), delivers affordable tons of fish feed, refrigerators etc to farmers.

The commitment of the government to enhance to gross national happiness of the population of the North West region was the subject on March 3, 2021 in Bamenda when the General Manager of the North West Development Authority (MIDENO), Cletus Anye Matoyah launched the distribution of subsidized livestock and fish farming inputs to farmers. The Livestock and Fisheries Development Project (LIFIDEP), was on duty with 270 tons of subsidized fish feed for beneficiaries.

The event also featured the distribution of 34 refrigerators, ice-making machines, long range vaccine cold boxes, 140 vaccine carriers, 2,000 beluses of levamisole dewormers, 144 mineral licks, 9000 vitamin beluses to provide animal health coverage for 7,380 small ruminants to be distributed, 3,000 closes of capripestovax vaccines, automatic vaccination syringes and needles, 84 sets of oxen tools etc. It is all about inputs that will help matters for some 30 livestock and fish farming cooperative societies, covering some one thousand farmers in the region. LIFIDEP Project Coordinator, Mbipeh Pius told the beneficiary farmers that it is the objective of the government to reduce poverty in households by accompanying and supporting producers to improve on the production and productivity of their cattle, small ruminants, poultry and fish. He hailed the government and funding partners, the Islamic Development Bank for giving meaning to the Livestock and Fishery sectors in the region.

Meanwhile, the General Manager of MIDENO, Cletus Anye Matoyah credited LIFIDEP for impacting on the livelihood of farmers with worth creating activities. He announced studies towards phase II of the project of hope for a region and people who continue to suffer the stress of a slowed economy, blamed on the socio-political and security crisis in the region.

It also emerged from the event that LIFIDEP has defied security challenges to continue giving hope to the population with some 6,000 livestock and fishery stakeholders trained on artificial insemination, poultry, small ruminants and fish production, pasture improvement, and conservatives, animal disease surveillance and reporting.

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