Cameroon: Kameni – Preaching Positivity

The musician just released a single titled “Bolo” which goes further to express her desire for sharing optimistic vibes.

The Cameroon music industry is currently waxing strong thanks to the input of several talents with one of them being Kameni. Kameni signed under Lionn Production, a record label founded by Cameroonian afro pop super star, Mr. Leo after few years in the profession, has an Extended Play (EP) and a couple of singles to her credit. Her most recent baby is “Bolo” released on YouTube on May 15, 2021. She released her debut single in April 2019 titled “Boss”. Fans hold that this single brought her to the pulpit and began printing her steps in music within and without Cameroon. Before then, she had announced her birth with several mashups which got many fans clamouring for her own hit. The singer, often called “Boss lady” did some other singles after her first but all so far has a common denominator being positivity. “Kameni is a girl who just wants to preach positivity through her music. I use my music to speak for the voiceless,” the artist underlined. “I have really suffered. I grew up in a ghetto where life was really hard. Growing up in that environment, I have so many experiences that I would want to share which I am using music to do so,” the singer added. It is worth mentioning that she has done mouth-watering collabos with artists like Mr. Leo, Awu, Minks amongst others. The artist from the West region but born and bred in Limbe is making a name for herself thanks to her genre of music called “Afro Dance Hall”.

Talking of her male-like voice which has got tongues wagging for a while now, the 28-year-old singer said it is a major asset which fits like a square peg in square hole in her genre of music. As for how she got into the profession, Kameni explained that she grew up in a family of music lovers. “My dad used to sing and his sister used to be leader of a choir. So right from a very tender age, I was closed to music. I will sing with my friends and lead them,” the musician underlined.


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