Cameroon: Judo – Young Athletes Acquire Skills

A national training camp for judokas took place in Yaounde yesterday December 30, 2021.

The Cameroon Judo Federation has embarked on the training of youths in the practice of judo. It is in this light that a national training camp for athletes took place at the gymnasium of the National Higher Institute of Sports in Yaounde yesterday December 30, 2021. Organised by the Cameroon Judo Federation (FECAJUDO), the training camp brought together over 200 judokas from judo clubs across the country. The training involved athletes in the minor, junior and cadets (men and women) categories. The training camp which marked the end of the 2021 sports season for judo aimed at promoting the development of judo in the country.

The athletes were instructed by the experts from the Cameroon Judo Federation. The participants were drilled on topics like “the history of judo and the world”, “Culture of judo and values of judo”, “physical education” and “Nage waza (Ashi waza, koshi waza, Te waza). The different federations were equally drilled on the rules and regulations put in place for the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus in the training sites. It was an opportunity for the different federation heads to ask questions so as to be edified on the measures put in place before the start of the next season. The protocols followed are from the International Judo Federation (IJF) to all the federations. To participate in the training workshop, the coaches had to be affiliated in the 2021 season, and the athletes were expected to present sports licences for 2021. Testimonials were awarded to the participants at the end of the training.

The training camp for athletes was preceded by the General Assembly of FECAJUDO that took place on, December 2021 in Yaounde. During the meeting, the members approved the report of the 2021 sports season and also adopted a new calendar for the 2022 sports season. The members also approved the date for the elections in the different regional bureaus. The President of FECAJUDO, Alain Christian Kingue Dihang said the elections will take place after the TotalEnergies AFCON tournament; between mid-February and March 2022. This, according to him, will be under the instructions of the Minister of Sports and Physical Education.

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