Cameroon: Elite One Exciting Day Two – Fixtures This Weekend

Matches counting for this stage of the National Football Championship will be played across the country this Saturday and Sunday.

After a mouthwatering first day of play, fans will savour exciting Day Two encounters of the Elite one national football championship this weekend across the country. In pole A, Avion Academy will on Saturday March 13, 2021 at 2 p.m. face Dragon club of Yaounde at the Bepanda annex stadium in Douala. To be on safe side, Avion Academy will have to put in its all given that they were trashed by Bamboutos FC 3-0 on the first day of play. It will be Dragon’s first encounter in this competition and to start on good footing, they will have to make sure that they overcome their opponents who have already tested the heat of the competition. In Pole B, Yaounde-based club, Tonnere Kalara club (TKC) will at the Yaounde Omnisport annex 1 Stadium welcome Panthere Sportive of Nde on Saturday March 13, 2021 at 6 p.m. This will be one of the complex encounters of Day 2, given that TKC has not yet played its Day 1 match due to the non-respect of Covid-19 protocols. While waiting for them to comply with the dictates of the Coronavirus, Panthere Sportive is coming from an advantaged position following their 2-0 Day 1 victory against UMS of Loum.

Yong Sports Academy will travel to Garoua to face Coton Sport FC at 3 p.m. The game will be played among two teams who will be making their first outings in the competition. Coton Sport’s Day 1 match against Apejes of Mfou was postponed to a yet-to-be announced date. Meanwhile, Yong Sport has not played its Day 1 game because its opponent, TKC failed to comply with Covid-19 exigencies.

On Sunday March 14, 2021, one of the exciting performances of Pole A will be at the Ahmadou Ahidjo Staduim where Eding Sport of Lekie will log horns with Bamboutos of Mbouda. Bamboutos will be coming to consolidate its position in the competition after trashing Avion 3-0 on Day 1 meanwhile Eding Sport are determined to win following their lost game on Day 1. Before this encounter, Canon Sportive of Yaounde will welcome Apejes of Mfou at the Yaounde Omnisport stadium. The Pole B game will be played at 2 p.m. These and other thrilling encounters will sandwich during Day two of the Elite one national football championship.


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