Botswana: Commercialise Tswana Chickens –

Serowe — Serowe-based head of department of animal production, Ms Tsholofelo Mukama has appealed to Batswana to keep Tswana chickens for commercial purposes.

Speaking during a Tswana chicken workshop in Serowe on Wednesday, Ms Mukama said the chickens were easy to handle and manage, adding that they did not need huge chunks of land.

She said the breed developed fast, was resistant to diseases and was able to withstand the country’s harsh climatic conditions. She explained, however, that the chickens required good care, feeding, housing, disease control, as well as protection from predators.

Ms Mukama said the chicken house should be spacious to reduce congestion, which caused stress, cannibalism and pecking.

She also advised farmers to diversify their stock by introducing broilers and layers.

The workshop was attended by poultry farmers and those who wanted to engage in rearing Tswana chickens in Serowe.

Source: BOPA

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