Botswana: Churches Paramount in Providing Spiritual Guidance

Maokane — Member of Parliament for Mmathethe-Molapowabojang, Dr Edwin Dikoloti has implored churches to heighten their role in providing spiritual guidance for the nation.

Speaking during a consultative meeting with Maokane ministers fraternal on Monday, he said it was the government’s wish to open churches at full capacity, but that the situation did not permit as numbers were cut as a control measure against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Dikoloti, who is also Minister of Health and Wellness, said those who did not go to churches because of limited numbers were starving spiritual nourishment.

He said the ministers fraternal should have structures that target clinics and hospitals to pray for ailing people, noting that their prayers were critical for divine healing and health.

He said pastors should pray for legislatures to execute their mandate based on God-fearing decisions.

Minister Dikoloti also encouraged churches to pray for social ills bedeviling the country and school drop-outs due to pregnancy as well as alcohol and other substance abuse. He said substance abuse had repercussions on children who were tomorrow’s leaders.

Dr Dikoloti was optimistic that after vaccination the infection rate would decline to give way for churches to fellowship at full capacity.

Speaking at the same occasion, Maokane ministers’ fraternal representative, Mr Phemelo Shangopuodipe expressed the wish for congregants to be increased from 50 based on the carrying capacity of the place of worship.

He also expressed the wish for pastors to build an intensive rapport with health workers and work together towards a common goal of ensuring a healthy and spiritually sound nation. He said an individual’s spiritual awareness automatically got rid of the negativity thus making the country a better place to live in.

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