Botswana: Charma Gal, Siile Release Ko Kgotleng

Gaborone — The talented Mosakaso artiste Magdalene ‘Charma Gal’ Lesolebe has collaborated with Jazz sensation, Nono Siile on a single track titled, Ko Kgotleng, which is a combination of Setswana and Sekalaka with Afro Jazz and Mosakaso rhythms.

Ko Kgotleng, a Sound Lab Studios production was released April 27.

The collaboration is deemed as an effort to encourage cooperation among women and also lessen the challenges they encounter in and outside the music industry.

Siile in an interview, stated that lack of trust, back stabbing and a tendency to belittle each other were some of the challenges women artists faced.

Failure to appreciate and acknowledge those who manage to navigate any industry, and those who shun to seek assistance from other women and instead choosing to speak ill about those who excel, Siile said, was a drawback.

“Some women still fail to embrace and appreciate the success of other women in and outside the music circles. They would instated prefer to talk publicly about their misfortunes,” Siile said adding that some even went as far as insinuating that when someone advanced, it was either because they were favoured or paid a price for the achievement.

Meanwhile, Charma Gal said she wanted to learn new things and the collaboration with Nono was worthwhile.

She said the intention was to create a hype for the full album they were planning to release, adding that a video for the same track would follow.

Charma Gal encouraged women to always engage in positive talk whenever they were together.

<i>Source : BOPA</i>


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