Botswana: Bfa to Ensure Adherence to Covid-19 Protocol

Francistown — Botswana Football Association (BFA) medical committee official says they are prepared enough to ensure that there is total adherence to COVID-19 health protocols during Botswana and Zimbabwe game.

The two teams will lock horns in the crucial 2021 AFCON qualifiers match at the Obed Chilume Stadium in Francistown on March 25.

BFA medical committee official, Aldrin Majaye said in an interview that they had learnt a lot from the previous game against Zambia and such equipped them better to prepare for the upcoming game.

He said the game would be played in closed door with no spectators due to COVID-19 protocols.

He said CAF allowed 192 people into the stadium.

“We are going to be strict in order to enforce COVID-19 health protocols especially washing of hands with clean water and soap, sanitising, maintaining of social distance and proper wearing of mask.

He said CAF had issued guidelines and in that regard, the stadium would be divided into four zones.

He said Zone 1 was playing field and technical areas while Zone 2 was the tunnel and dress rooms, Zone 3 was stadium stands including VIP stands, media room and control room, while Zone 4 was the parking area.

He said only people in Zones 1 and 2 were going to be tested for COVID-19 using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) method, which included collecting of swabs from either the nose or throat.

He said even though media was falling on Zone 3, they would to tested due to nature of their job as they would restricted to remain in their stand and later on be allowed to visit Zone 1 and 2.

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