Algeria: Legislative Election – Participation of Youth, Women in Political Life a “Fundamental Asset”

Algiers — The participation of young people and women in the political life constitutes is a “fundamental asset,” with regard to their capacities and resources that will enable them to have effective contribution in the country’s development process, in particular by participating in June-12 legislative election, say civil society associations.

Hussein Hani, president of the Youth Union for Volunteering (YUV- association) said in a statement to APS that the participation of young people in public life represents one of the “aspects of participatory democracy,” stressing that encouraging the participation of young people in the scientific, political and social fields, and in the drawing up of youth-oriented policies is of “great importance”.

For him, the participation of young people would allow “the future generations to orient their energies” to genuinely contribute to sustainable development.

Algeria is among the countries which have declared equal rights and duties between citizens and mobilized all means and mechanisms to remove obstacles, in order to promote the participation of all in the political, socio-economic, and cultural life, by banning discrimination based on gender.

Moreover, the official said the new Constitution consolidated in several articles, the principle of equality between men and women in terms of rights and obligations, including the right to education and to work, equitable access to missions and functions, the right to vote and to be a candidate, in addition to the access of women to advanced positions of parliamentary representation.

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