African Leader Taken Ill, Admitted to City Hospital

The leader of an African country who has not appeared in public for nearly two weeks is admitted to Nairobi Hospital for Covid-19 treatment, even as his government remains mum on his whereabouts.

The leader, who regularly addresses church congregants and public rallies when inspecting or launching government projects, was last seen in public on February 27.

The Nation cannot disclose his name as officials from both governments declined to officially confirm his admission to Nairobi Hospital, citing diplomatic protocol.

Multiple sources, however, confirmed that the leader who has reportedly been ailing since late last month, flew to Kenya on Monday when his health deteriorated.

Tens of senior government officials and religious leaders in the country have died from suspected Covid-19 infections in recent weeks.

Last public appearance

While addressing a gathering in one of his last public appearances, the leader advised his citizens to take precautions against the Covid-19 pandemic.

His government has, however, remained adamant against enforcing public health measures such as wearing face masks, sanitising and banning of large gatherings.

Opposition leaders who spoke to the Nation said diplomatic sources had indicated that the leader has been on a ventilator.

They chided government officials for holding onto information on the leader’s whereabouts and health.

Account of infections

There has been no official information from the government on whether the leader is unwell or merely taking a break.

His government faced a lot of criticism over the way it handled the Covid-19 pandemic in since its onset early last year.