Africa: VP Taylor Wants Continent to Develop Human Capacity

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor has addressed the Knowledge Revolution Conference 2021 held at the local hotel in Accra, Ghana from March 26 – 27, 2021.

The conference was organized by the Evans Oppong Ministries under the stewardship of Dr. Evans Oppong , founder and Pastor of the City of Faith Ministries based in London, the United Kingdom.

Dr. Oppong is a renowned Preacher and Educator who has authored several books packed with wisdom and life transforming knowledge. Serving as Guest Speaker, the Vice President spoke on the theme: “Knowledge Revolution”.

In her splendid presentation, Madam Vice President intimated that the essence of knowledge revolution is our ability to obtain a clear understanding of the truth, which will change our perception and help us utilize the Knowledge obtained to dominate our world.

Vice President Howard-Taylor according to a dispatch highlighted three questions which must be answered in order to enlighten our perspectives on the Knowledge Revolution.

She proffered that we must find answers to how are biblical teachings relevant to the Knowledge Revolution? How does the right mindset enable us to obtain the shift of the Knowledge Revolution? and how does one develop a growth mindset?

The Vice President stated that the answers to these questions are existential to our collective understanding that Knowledge Revolution comes from the mind, adding that the mind is our most powerful weapon of defense.