Africa: The New Space Age – a Billionaire’s Game

With the recent advances in space travel, what was once the exclusive playground of governments has shifted to ultra-rich mavericks. And they’re just getting started.

“… 2011 might, in the history books of the future, be seen as the year when the space cadets’ dream finally died. It marks the end of America’s space shuttle programme, whose last mission is planned to launch on July 8th [2011]. The shuttle was supposed to be a reusable truck that would make the business of putting people into orbit quotidian. Instead, it has been nothing but trouble. Twice, it has killed its crew. If it had been seen as the experimental vehicle it actually is, that would not have been a particular cause for concern; test pilots are killed all the time… But the shuttle is now over. The ISS [International Space Station] is due to be deorbited, in the inelegant jargon of the field, in 2020. Once that happens, the game will be up. There is no appetite to return to the moon, let alone push on to Mars, El Dorado of space exploration. The technology could be there, but the passion has gone… “

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