Africa: Suffer One Million Little Children – When Will South Africa Start Implementing Its Paediatric Palliative Care Policy?

Today is World Children’s Day: on this day, 31 years ago the UN Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The UNCRC is a legally-binding international agreement that sets out the rights of every child regardless of their race, religion or abilities. In celebration of World Children’s day this year, UNICEF is calling on people, organisations and buildings to “go blue” to show their support for children’s rights.

Earlier this week, Mark Heywood in his Tuesday editorial explained how 2020 has been “the year of children’s broken dreams”.

He starts off by asking us the readers, to think back to our childhood and to recall how the world felt to us. He reminds us how childhood minds amplify emotions and how life can be stressful and traumatic to children especially as they lack the language to explain and understand what they may be experiencing. In relation to the current pandemic, although children have been largely spared from Covid-19 disease, “it has taken a terrible and unquantified…

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