Africa: Scholar Recommends Ethiopia’s Economic Policy to Other Africans

Ethiopia is a good example to African countries with regard to pursuing home-grown economic policy and strategies that are free from the dominance of developed countries, a renowned African policy scholar said.

In an emailed interview with The Ethiopian Herald, Political Economy Professor at Nairobi University, Michael Chege stated that the policies and strategies of many African countries are still under the dominance of ex-colonial powers and other developed countries.

Professor Chege noted that Ethiopia formulated a Homegrown Economic Reform Plan by taking into consideration its objective reality and adapting the experiences of a few countries. The economic reform is instrumental to sustainably resolve the socio-economic problems the country has been facing over years.

According to him, amidst the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, Ethiopia has managed to register continuous economic growth that surpassed many African countries after it started implementing home-grown economic strategy which is based on the problem of its people.

The scholar pointed out that through the policy change it introduced, the country, which was in the unsatisfactory level in terms of infrastructure, peace and stability, and human resource development, has become a model.

Chege expressed his optimism that home-grown economic philosophy Ethiopia has been pursuing could enable the country to solve its age-old problems. “Africans cannot fulfill their dreams of attaining democracy, development and good governance unless they stop adjusting their policies to those of the developed world.”