Africa: Online Platform for Professional Adult Educators in Africa Launched in Malawi

The Institute for International Cooperation of the Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband (DVV International), has launched an online platform for professional adult educators in Africa called MOJA in Malawi by effectively enabling adult educators and learners to easily interact with their counterparts across the continent.

According to a press release issued by DVV International, “this is the first time ever in Africa that adult education and learning professionals have a place where they may easily communicate with each other and form networks to share insights, experiences and outcomes so that the wider continent may benefit from a pan-African team of educators”.

The launch of MOJA took place in the capital Lilongwe and brought together scores of stakeholders in the adult literacy sector. The stakeholders underwent an orientation on how the platform operates.

The portal includes articles, news, links and other resources that are easy to search, download and read.

In his remarks, DVV International Regional Director in Southern Africa David Harrington described the platform as very important, saying it creates a community where people working in adult education in Africa have access to resources, find latest news and events, upload their own information, make contacts with each other and search content on different things.

“This is a resource that has long been lacking in Africa. MOJA will address a gap in the African adult education community. It will provide a space for people to share and learn with and from one another, and to draw on the rich tradition and practice of adult education that has evolved in African contexts,” said Harrington.