Africa: Net Zero – How Major Polluters ‘Greenwash’ Their Role in the Climate Crisis and Delay Real Action

With the climate crisis increasingly at the top of the priority list for governments, major polluters are using the concept of net zero to ‘greenwash’ themselves on one hand while delaying real action on the other, according to a recent report,

You’re being gaslit by the fossil fuel industry, other corporations, and state-owned enterprises with massive carbon footprints. This is the view of a recent report by Friends of the Earth International in conjunction with Corporate Accountability and Global Forests Coalition called The Big Con: How Big Polluters are advancing a “net zero” climate agenda to delay, deceive, and deny.

Try this thought experiment: it’s the third month of 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic is starting to put the brakes on life as we know it. But instead of us being asked to cover our noses and mouths — ie, stop Covid emissions at the source — we’re told to deal with infections, deaths and other impacts of today because scientists and Elon Musk will develop technologies to suck all those floating virus particles right out of the air in a few years.

Sounds absurd, right? But that’s the essence of what entrenched interests in polluting industries are doing. Instead…

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