Africa: Fulbe Africa to Hold 9th Int’l Cultural Fest in Farafenni

Fulbe Africa (FA), an international cultural organisation has announced that it will hold the 9th edition of the international cultural fest in Farafenni, North Bank Region of The Gambia.

The theme of this year’s anniversary is “Darantoo Pulaagu Jaŋngo Ngu Ko Sukaaɓe han ɓe” or simply ‘The Fulbe children of today will be the pillars of the Fulbe culture of tomorrow.”

Slated for December 24th-25th 2021, this year’s fest is aimed at celebrating the rich Fulbe culture and upholding traditional values for posterity. The cultural fest also seeks to promote the rich and beautiful cultures as well as traditions of the Fulbe people with a view to uniting all Fulbe people under one umbrella.

Since its establishment, Fulbe Africa has been celebrating this event annually and it has gathered people from various parts of Africa and the diaspora to a night of pure culture.

The last year’s event gathered over 4000 people from The Gambia, Senegal, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, and other countries.

In a statement signed by FA director of communication, Musa Baldeh, the first day of the event would be a cultural night but free for all participation.

“The cultural night is free entry for all participants. It is characterised by cultural performances from different cultural groups in different regions and districts in the Gambia, exhibition of cultural artifacts, drama performances among other interesting activities.”

To this end, he said later in the event, several key personalities would deliver speeches on the annual event, the Fulani cultural heritage and tradition.

He said, the second day, 25th December will be characterised by a conference in the morning and prominent personalities will talk on very important topics affecting Fulbe in the sub-region and added Bokar Hamadoun Farana, a prominent Malian Fulani historian would be one of the speakers.

“After the conference, there will be a fundraising night which is organised every anniversary to compensate for the expenses in the cultural night,” he said.

Fulbe Africa, is a non-political, non-profitable and youth-led charity organisation registered in The Gambia since 2014.


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