Africa: ELWA, Benson Hospitals Benefit From Cummings Africa Foundation’s Anti-Covid-19 Initiative

Paynesville — Two of the largest healthcare providers located Paynesville, the ELWA and Benson Hospitals on Thursday received assorted medical drugs and hygienic materials from the Cummings Africa Foundation (CAF).

The donation is in continuation of CAF’s anti-COVID-19 project launched in July this year to boost the capacity of health facilities with much-needed drugs and medical equipment as a way of augmenting the government’s effort in combatting the disease.

The ELWA Hospital received 3,000 Paracetamol pills, 2,000 zinc pills, 810 Azithromycin pills, 1,000 selenium pills, 10 oximeters, 3,000 vitamins C pills, 1,000 Latex Medical Gloves, 1,000 face masks, 24 liters of Bleach 24 rubbing alcohol 24 hand sanitizers, 120 bars of laundry detergent and 144 bars of medicated bath soap. The hospital is also expected to receive several oxygen canisters filled with oxygen in the coming days.

Items donated to the Benson Include 2,000 paracetamol pills, 2,000 zinc pills, 900 Azithromycin pills, 500 selenium pills, 5 oximeters, 2,000 vitamins C pills, 1,000 Latex Medical Gloves, 1,000 face masks, 24 liters of Bleach, 24 rubbing alcohol, 24 hand sanitizers, 120 bars of laundry detergent, and 144 bars of medicated bath soap.

Presenting the supplies at the medical facilities on separate occasions, CAF’s Country Director, Dr. Wede Elliott Brownell said the gesture was in fulfillment of the commitment made by the foundation through its founder, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and pledged the foundation’s continuous support in the fight against COVID-19.

Receiving the items at the ELWA Hospital in Paynesville, the acting CEO, Rev. James Freeman Garway, said the drugs, masks, cholera, and other items are all essential to the facility especially in fight against COVID-19. “We want to express our thanks to the organization and the team for these donations at this time”. He said.

“This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad. On behalf of the hospital’s executive director and all the supervisors and in my name as the acting CEO, we want to extend our gratitude to Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings. Because I remember when he came here he said well, I don’t want to promise anything but I hear what you said and I am going back to look into it. We want to thank God for him and the team. We assured you that this donation will be used on the patients and will carry us for some time.”

Also speaking, the hospital’s Medical Director, Dr. Rich Sacra said these items are on target. “You did a very good job in selecting the items. Some people will bring what they could find but are not on target. These are exactly the things that are needed.”