Africa: Chinese FM Elaborates Three Objectives of His Visit to Africa

Mombasa — Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Thursday made clear three objectives of his visit to Africa when meeting with Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs Raychelle Omamo in Kenya’s coastal city Mombasa.

Wang Yi said that China’s diplomacy has a 32-year-old tradition, that is, the destinations of its first visit at the beginning of the year must be African countries. The tradition shows with concrete actions that China cherishes its traditional friendship with Africa, attaches priority to Africa in China’s diplomacy, and is willing to be a good friend and partner of Africa.

“In spite of the challenges posed by the pandemic, we have come here as scheduled, come rain or shine, and remain true to our original aspiration. This is the undertone of China-Africa friendship,” said Wang, adding that “my visit to Africa has three main objectives.”

The first objective is to work with Africa to defeat the epidemic. The world is facing a new wave of the Omicron strain. As a friend of Africa, China will never stand idly by. Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced that China will provide another 1 billion doses of vaccines to Africa, which is the largest aid package ever launched in Africa and is in progress. Vaccines are being shipped across the sea to every corner of Africa where they are needed.

“Today, we are announcing an additional 10 million doses of vaccine for Kenya. We will stand by our African brothers and sisters until the final victory is won,” said Wang.

Second, the implementation of the outcomes of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) should be accelerated. Over a month ago, the 8th Ministerial Conference of the FOCAC was successfully held. President Xi announced “nine programs” for China-Africa practical cooperation.

The series of bilateral cooperation documents signed by China and Kenya today are the early harvest of the “nine programs” in Kenya.

“We stand ready to enhance synergy with our African partners, roll up our sleeves and work hard to deliver all the outcomes of the conference to the benefit of the African people, help Africa speed up post-epidemic recovery and embark on the road of independent and sustainable development at an early date,” said Wang.

The so-called “debt trap” in Africa is not a fact, but a hype with ulterior motives. It is a “speech trap” created by external forces who do not want to see Africa accelerate development. If there is any “trap” in Africa, it is the “poverty trap” and the “backwardness trap”, according to Wang.